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Right-Wing US Senators Urge Obama to Set a Deadline for Iran Attack


Faced with high unemployment, foreclosures, debt and economic stagnation, Washington is trying to divert world attention away from severe economic troubles at home.

October 03, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Right-wing US senators Joe Lieberman and Howard Berman, both staunch supporters of Israeli influence over the United States, have urged Barack Obama to set a deadline for launching a military strike against Iran when current sanctions fail to give the desired results, reported Financial Times.  

Lieberman who is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, urged the US President to consider – without further delay – a working plan of an aerial strike to prevent Iran from going nuclear. ‘Our goal here is to convince Iran to stop its nuclear weapons development program by economic and diplomatic means if we can but (to make clear) that we are prepared to use military means if we must,’ He told the Financial Times.  

The US and its allies have been imposing futile economic sanctions on Iran for some years. They hope that economic pressures would force Iran to abandon its far advanced nuclear program. Iran insists its nuclear program is only designed for peaceful purposes, but US maintains Tehran wants to build nuclear weapons.

According to Lieberman, current sanction regime on Iran is doing what it was supposed to do, that is putting economic pressures on the country, but  it is not enough to force Iran halt the domestic nuclear program. He said Obama administration had only a few more months not years left to make sanctions work and then launch a military operation. 

Faced with high unemployment, foreclosures, debt and economic stagnation, Washington is trying to divert world attention away from severe economic troubles at home. Last week, US government approved a bill that allowed increasing tariff rates on imported goods from countries found to be manipulating their own currencies. The move was mainly directed against China, which Washington blames is intentionally lowering the national currency renminbi below the US dollar thus harming US exports.  

America imports most of its consumer goods from China and East Asia. Average imports reach one billion dollars a day. Good quality yet affordable consumer goods made in China and other emerging economies have made manufacturing business in the United States obsolete. Given the current global energy crises and peak oil phenomenon posed  to further crush Western economies, leading analysts recommend  the US must forget about embarking upon another manufacturing adventure like it did so lavishly after WWII. At this moment, the US economy is fully reliant on its outmoded services sector, particularly on its speculative financial industry that resembles gambling in a huge casino and that generally ends with a sad Greek tragedy after all the excitements.




Israeli lobby AIPAC enjoys  huge authority over the United States' day-to-day affairs





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