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Taliban Destroyed More US-NATO Supply Trucks in Separate Attacks


We will never allow a supply line which is taking ammunition for NATO forces to be used against the Afghan Taliban: Pakistani Taliban Spokesperson.

October 07, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Many more NATO and US supply trucks continue to burn after latest Taliban attacks on convoys parked near entry points to Afghanistan. Yesterday alone Taliban fighters destroyed over 45 trucks carrying fuel, ammunition and other supplies to US and NATO troops based in Afghanistan.

Several dozens of supply trucks have been destroyed in Pakistan following closure of Torkham border by Pakistani government under pressure from local people to retaliate against US-NATO random drone strikes on civilian population in Waziristan Province.

From military standpoint, it is not clear what US and NATO hope to achieve by targeting women and children living in remote villages between Pakistan and Afghanistan except that more angry local people would be willing to join the ranks of Taliban and begin a broader fight against the invading armies.

Pakistan based Taliban group called Tahrik-e -Taliban (TTP) claimed responsibility for latest attacks against NATO supply trucks. The group’s spokesman Azam Tariq in a telephone call to media on Saturday said, ‘We will never allow a supply line which is taking ammunition for NATO forces to be used against the Afghan Taliban.’  

NATO spokesman however downplayed effectiveness of Taliban’s strategy of destroying supply convoys through Pakistan. NATO spokesman Brigadier-General Josef Blotz said on Thursday, ‘we have plenty of stocks and supplies within Afghanistan, just in case things like this happen. Secondly, over the last couple of years we managed to diversify supply routes,’ adding, ‘…there are other routes available to receive supplies notably the northern routes from Uzbekistan, as reported by Reuters. 

But despite US and NATO manifestation of self-confidence in securing a steady supply route, it is evident that any other routes except the shortest and least expensive routes, which run through Pakistan, would represent a major setback for US-led war plans in Afghanistan.  

Taliban fighters have increased their offensive against US and NATO troops in Afghanistan in recent months soon after Obama announced his long anticipated surge by sending more troops to fight in Afghanistan.









Wednesday's attacks on more than 45 supply trucks would leave US and NATO troops stranded in the Hindu Kush Mountains without fuel, ammunition and other supplies during the coming winter season.




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