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30 More US-NATO Bound Supply Trucks Attacked


Using only drone strikes so often, it brings up the question as to what those hundred thousand troops are doing in Afghanistan if they are not actually fighting on the ground?

October 09, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - US and NATO forces would have to face a harsh winter this year as unidentified fighters and Taliban supporters continue with their successful attacks on supply trucks before reaching Western troops based in Afghanistan.  

Reminiscent of failed military adventures led by Napoleon Bonaparte and NAZI Germany against Russia where millions of the invading troops got tangled in Russian winter, today military analysts predict a similar outcome for US and NATO troops based in Afghanistan due to expected shortage of fuel, medical and other necessary supplies during the coming winter season. 

So far hundreds of supply convoys have been attacked since last seven days when Pakistani government under enormous internal pressure decided to close a vital border entry into Afghanistan at Torkham which lies on the most important supply route for Western Forces.  

Yesterday, once again fighters in southwestern Pakistan destroyed 30 more supply trucks carrying gasoline and other essential goods for US-led foreign troops. There are more than 150,000 U.S. - NATO soldiers in addition to tens of thousands of private security personnel. They are supposed to defeat an invisible enemy of no more than one hundred individual Al-Qaeda  members active somewhere within the vast Hindu Kush Mountains bordering the two countries for the past 9 years.   

From military standpoint, in spite of that many number of professional troops, most recent news reports point only at US and NATO's repeated use of unmanned drone strikes - controlled remotely from a military centre inside the U.S. - against civilian population. This brings up the question as to what those hundreds thousand troops are doing in Afghanistan if they are not actually fighting on the ground?  

Earlier, however, President Barack Obama said he plans to press on with his futile Afghan war strategy that is now spreading well into nuclear-armed Pakistan a country of 170 million.  

A group called Tahrik-e-Taliban (TTP) issued a statement claiming responsibility for some of the attacks on supply convoys. The spokesperson for this group, Azam Tariq in a telephone call to media on Saturday said, ‘We will never allow a supply line which is taking ammunition for NATO forces to be used against the Afghan Taliban.’   

Millions of angry Muslim Pakistani people have called on the government to keep the Tokhram Gate closed indefinitely. Pakistan officials also said they plan to keep the border closed for time being in retaliation for US drone attacks that killed several Pakistani soldiers at an outpost near Afghanistan border.













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