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625 Meter Deep Rescue Shaft Reaches Trapped Chilean Miners


Bolivia’s President Evo Morales would join Chilean President Sebastian Pinera on the day when the rescue team begins to pull out the 33 trapped miners.

October 09, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Technicians and engineers have successfully drilled a large size shaft down 625 meters below ground level that reaches 33 Chilean miners trapped underneath for over two months.

Family members putting up tents outside the rescue area are waiting for a final decision by the rescue team whether to start pulling out miners through a 66 cm shaft or further reinforce the shaft using steel pipes. The rescue team announced they would make their decision by end of Staurday.

All 33 miners seem to be in good health except some minor skin problems due to unbearably high temperature at that depth. ‘There is a lot of joy here. We are hearing cheers from the relatives, as this is the end of the first phase of the rescue operation and good news for the people camped out here,’ Al Jazeera correspondent reported from the site of rescue operation.

Rescue team said the trapped miners still would  have to detonate an explosive charge right at the end of drilled shaft in order to facilitate sending a rescue capsule through a curved path which runs for more than six hundred meters below the surface.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who is closing monitoring the rescue operation told reporters, ‘God be willing, in a few days the whole country will be weeping with joy... when we see these miners emerge from the depths of the mountain to embrace their wives, children, mothers and fathers. According to Pinera, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales would join him on the day when the actual rescue operation begins for the trapped miners.






Hundreds of family members have gathered at the mine site this weekend, as the rescue team is getting ready to pull all 33 miners out of the deep hole.


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