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Turkey and China Conduct Joint Aerial Drill


Although Turkey has been a key member of NATO for many years, its military, economic and cultural ties with the Asian giant have steadily improved over time.

October 10, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Turkey and China have carried out their first joint aerial exercise as a sign of growing cooperation among the regional countries.

Although Turkey has been a key member of NATO for many years, its military, economic and cultural ties with the Asian giant have steadily improved over time. Ankara and Beijing plan to boost their bilateral ties and increase their annual trades to $50 billion. Last week Iran opened its airspace for Chinese warplanes to fly over for their joint exercise before a visit by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to Turkey.

Washington considers China a powerful rival that is posed to become the world’s biggest economy soon. Having lost much of its industrial infrastructure against Asian competitors, the United States is now busy trying to keep alive an outdated speculative casino-style economic model at home. The US and its ever-dwindling circle of allies are also trying maintain their Zionist-led economic strategies throughout the globe.

Washington openly supported Israeli atrocity against innocent Turkish peace activists aboard humanitarian flotilla, last May, which angered the Turkish government greatly. Despite repeated calls by Turkey for a formal apology and compensation from Israel, Tel Aviv with direct backing of the United States has repeatedly rebuffed Ankara’s logical stance with respect to the killings of its citizens sailing inside the international boundaries.

Moreover, the Obama administration having suffered several high-level resignations over Afghan war strategy recently, is moving ahead with a long-standing currency dispute against China that could explode into an all out trade war any time. US blame China for keeping the value of its currency lower than what it should be with respect to the dollar. But according to leading economists, policy planners in US fail to recognize the very stagnant, inefficient and corrupt nature of US economy itself as the main cause of Washington’s demise. 

Not only it is utterly dependent on imported oil to keep its trademark Automobile-culture alive, the United States is also world’s biggest importers of consumer goods. Its trade deficit with proactive economies of the outside world is increasing as more and more industrial jobs are being transferred to other parts of the world.







Modern Chinese warplanes joined Turkish counterparts    for  a joint aerial exercise.





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