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US Troops Fled Strategic Outpost in Kunar Province


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October 11, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Taliban fighters claimed they have forced out remnants of US troops occupying a military outpost located at a strategic cross road in Afghanistan's northeastern province of Kunar, Iran's Press TV reported today. 

The base has been the site several fierce battles between Taliban and US forces in the past. Many US soldiers lost their lives trying to defend the outpost before. But today, US forces fled the military outpost after they came under an attack by Taliban fighters. US troops fled the area using helicopters to Marawara district.  

Todayís development is another setback for US and NATO war efforts in Afghanistan after a string of devastating strikes on more than 150 of their supply trucks since the beginning of October. Military analysts predict both US and NATO troops would have to face an exceptionally difficult winter this year without sufficient fuel, medicine and other necessary supplies following so many successful blows on their supply convoys by the Taliban.











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