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Official Tells of the Threats Posed By the Cyberspace

The Enemy Seeks to Undermine National Unity by the Use of World Wide Web

Tehran, Jan. 03, 10 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iranian official warns of the Western powers' cyber war against the nation. Davoud Ahmadinejad, the brother of the Iranian President and the secretary of the Passive Defense Committee, told a group of audience at a conference on Tehran University Science and Technology Campus, today. 


The secretary said that enemy’s sophisticated manipulation of the World Wide Web targeted the country’s national unity, referring to enemies’ use of  Internet to lure and brainwash the younger generation.


‘At this point in time messages are sent from one point to another within seconds; this could poses a threat to the country,” Davoud Ahmadinejad said and added if Iran plans to thwart the threat posed by the Internet, it must take advantage of nation’s academics potential.


Elsewhere in his remarks, Davoud Ahmadinejad underlined the importance of passive defense in the overall security of the nation saying it was important to involve scientists and academics as members of the Committee because they always offer expert opinions on the subject.


Ahmadinejad called for talents to participate in the country’s future and security. Passive Defense Committee aims at reducing the probability of various types of threats including military threats against the country and also at minimizing the effects of damage caused by a hostile action.  



Davoud Ahmadinejad warned of the dangers

of Internet on the nation's security


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