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MP Blasts French-British Double Standard Policies


When protests happen in any (other) country, the French and British leaders confront that country with allegations about human rights, but when protests happen in their own countries , they are interpreted as simply democratic.

October 23, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - A prominent Iranian MP lambasted both British and French officials use of double-standard policies when it comes to deciding what constitutes democratic and undemocratic values.  

MP Kazzem Jalali, the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission told Fars News Agency that both British and French officials happen to label protests in other countries as an issue related to human rights violation while they consider mass protests taking place in their own countries as simply democratic. 

‘When protests happen in any (other) country, the French and British leaders confront that country with allegations about human rights (violation in that country) and they make unsolicited interference and if these protests (in France) occurred in another country, they would be interpreted as democratic,’ said Kazzem Jalali as quoted by FNA.  

Interestingly, over 3 million French workers with mass popular support from ordinary people have been holding massive and at times forceful demonstrations all over France to vent their opposition to a controversial anti-citizen bill. The newly passed austerity program aims at poor families, elderly and low- income earners. The Sarkozy administration is trying  to compensate for ballooning government budget deficits by placing most of the burden on hard-working citizens though at the same time providing benefits to a newly formed wealthy aristocratic class.

According to analysts familiar with this issue, the Sarkozy administration is only at start of a systematic cutting down of social benefits for French citizens.







People in France continue to hold massive demonstrations against the undemocratic pension reform bill proposed by Sarkozy administration.


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