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British Rifleman Killed A Small Iraqi Girl as She Was Playing: Wikileaks


The tank stopped at the end of the street, she's there in her yellow dress, a rifleman pops up and blows her away: Phil Shiner, a lawyer told reporters.

October 25, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Latest revelations by Wikileaks website is making some US and British officials who were in charge of this mess running for cover before the eyes of the world. 

According to just one of the latest report made public yesterday, Wikileaks exposed a cold-blooded killing of an eight-year old Iraqi girl by a British soldier as she was playing not too far from a British battle tank.

Most likely, the murder of this child occurred in the city of Basra, southern Iraq following the invasion of Iraq by the so-called US-led Coalition of Willing. ‘The tank stopped at the end of the street, she's there in her yellow dress, a rifleman pops up and blows her away,’ Phil Shiner, a lawyer told reporters.

British Deputy Prime Minister also condemned the brutal incident. Nick Clegg said, ‘… we can bemoan how these leaks occurred, but I think the nature of the allegations made is extraordinarily serious. They are distressing to read about and they are very serious.’ What Wikileaks reports show is that both British and US have systematically lied about the number of civilian casualty.

The website’s founding manager Julian Assange, who is on a Pentagon wanted list for simply exposing the truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, told reporters that his website wishes to correct on some of the attacks and reveal the truth before and during the ongoing war. 

Other analysts familiar with Wikileaks’ reports say even those revelations are just tip of an iceberg and in reality it could be much worse. US and other Western countries invaded Iraq in 2003 by falsely accusing the Saddam Hussein's dictatorial regime of being too close to building nuclear weapons.

In reality, the main reason was to control Iraq’s vast oil reserves. Control of Middle East’s oil reserves has always been vital to West’s economic interests. It enables Western corporate establishment with the mean to wield enormous power against the rising Eastern giants.






In Iraq Violent deaths were widespread ... and were mainly attributed to coalition forces. Most individuals reportedly killed by coalition forces were women and children.


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