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US Invasion of Nuclear-Armed Pakistan Imminent: Australian MP


With the government of Pakistan under increasing threat from armed fundamentalist rebels, a US military invasion was inevitable: Independent Australian MP.

October 26, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - An Australian MP believes the United States is now ready to expand the war theater into nuclear-armed Pakistan and that’s reportedly imminent.

Bob Katter, independent MP from Australia told The Australian newspaper, the US attack on Pakistan is a certainty and moreover because of Australia’s special relationship with the United States, Canberra would be compelled to support US troops invasion of Pakistan.

‘Having said all those things, there has never been any doubt in my mind that if the Americans go in and they request us to go in, we absolutely must go in.

‘This is not a happy event for Australia. Are we to tag along as the tail on the donkey? Yes, that is absolutely correct,’ Bob Katter noted.

Australia’s military is part of US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan. Coalition troops are supposedly hunting for Osma Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda group members after nearly ten years of futile search operations. There are today over 200,000 foreign military and private personnel in Afghanistan looking for a few dozen individual Al Qaeda members apparently still active around the border areas between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Leading Analysts however know for certain that US and its ever-dwindling number of allies' main reason for prolonging stay in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan is to hold a Western military leverage over the energy riches of the region. Prolonging war scenarios in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan serves only as an excuse to justify their presence in the region.




Hundreds of gasoline tankers bound for US-NATO troops based in Afghanistan have been destroyed by Taliban.




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