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Top US Defense Official Warns Against Iran Strike


A military strike against Iran would unite the divided country and ensure Tehran's unwavering commitment to pursuing nuclear weapons: Robert Gates.

November 16, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Top US official says any military strikes against Iran is bound to unite the whole country. The US Defense Secretary Robert Gates repeated his earlier warning over a military strike against the oil-rich Middle Eastern country , by saying a strike would unite the country leading to a rush toward acquiring nuclear capability, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

Gates also said it was very important to use other means to persuade Tehran from acquiring a nuclear capability. He said a military strike would only delay - not stop - Iran from reaching the point of no return. 

Also in Iran, the annual military drill by the Revolutionary Guards started on Monday. The drill named 'Modafean Aseman Velayat 3' (the Guardian of Velayat Skies) is in three stages and expected to continue for five days.

One of key features of this year's drill is to enhance combat readiness of defense units near the country's nuclear and other important landmarks, Press TV reported today. IRGC would test newest anti-air missiles including first prototype of a new generation of domestically developed long-range air-defense system similar to S-200. The actual testing of this system is expected to take place by next February.







The specific purpose of this week's drill is to enhance the effectiveness of the country's anti- cruise electronic detection and weapons systems:  IRGC.




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