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US Says Satellite Photos Show North Korean New Nuclear Enrichment Plant


Stunned by the sophisticated new plant, US scientists said he saw hundreds and hundreds of centrifuges set up in an ultra-modern control room.

November 21, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - A US nuclear scientist claims to have seen North Koreaís newest enrichment plant near the existing Yangbyon nuclear power plant.

US specialist, Sigfried Hecker of Stanford University said he visited North Korea earlier and that he saw hundreds and hundred of centrifuges machines lined up in a new plant. He said the sophisticated new plant had stunned him.

North Koreaís advancement in nuclear technology has dumbfounded the United States, which had gotten used to raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula as a justification for its presence in the region. Pyongyang successfully conducted two nuclear detonation tests already. 

The aging Yangbyon reactor has been a major source of plutonium for Pyangyang, as claimed Western media, while the new enrichment facility is designed for production of low enriched uranium used in light-water reactors. Light water reactors are less suited for production of weapons-grade uranium.





US claims North Korea has built a new enrichment plant

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