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Iran to Begin Higher Higher Enriched Uranium Fuel Production Within Ten Months


Production of the 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel in Iran is a firm response to the West: Head of Iran's Atomic Organization.

November 23, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iranís Head of Atomic Energy Organization, this afternoon announced the countryís readiness to begin production of higher enriched uranium for use in Tehran medical reactor within next ten months. Ali Akbar Salehi, in a meeting with reporters said nuclear fuel for sole medical reactor in Iran will begin in September 2011, as reported by IRNA.

The news comes after Western countries led by the US failed to deprive the oil-rich Middle Eastern country's access to a peaceful nuclear program, while at the same time continue hypocritically to invest in the development of offensive weapons against the international community.

The Head of IAEO said Iranian scientist have already produced certain amount of 20 percent enriched uranium successfully and in the near future it will begin further production of this type of fuel. "Production of the 20 percent enriched nuclear fuel in Iran is a firm response to the West," said Salehi.

Developing countries' nuclear achievements are major cause of anxiety in the Zionist-controlled, corporate and plutocratic establishment of the United States and its older allies.  A recent so-called economic measure by US Federal Reserve to inject unsupported money into its fast-dying economy signals the antagonistic route taken by the US toward challenging independent nations like Russia, China, Brazil and other leading powers, whom seek to dump the US currency as soon as necessary. So many progressive nations today have developed working plans to use their own currencies in mutual transactions in the near future. (See)






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