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A. Fazel

Israelís crimes have by far surpassed the crimes of Sadaam. -  Sadaam massacred people but restrained due to international pressure, Israel has done far worst and the succeeded in getting the west to support it. Sadaam tortured people in prisons, Israel gone far beyond any limits and the west is silent. Sadaam invaded Kuwait and was ousted , While Israel has occupied territories for decades and UN can not do a damn thing about it. Sadaam was impeached for violation of UN regulations while Israel violates nearly every UN regulation. Israel is weight that brings down the West  morally financially and politically. Even the western citizens (soldiers) lives are  sacrificed (not for their own respective countries)  But in service to Israel. While Israeli lives are valued much higher.

Ron - Are these "leading countries' you must be joking

Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa, Iran . In Iran they stone women to death just like they did 500 years ago. Cuba  model of "leading" country   ha ha haa. Bolivia  at best good drugs, these are scumbags not even countries.

A Concerned Reader

.... assuming amiri is telling the truth that he is a simple researcher with no connection to nuc development, why would the cia want someone with no information. surely the cia checked out his background first and required some kind of proof that he actually knew something. and if the cia just wanted someone as a propaganda tool, i would think that they could find some iranians who would be willing to accept $5 million to live like a king in the states in exchange for giving false info against iran.

isnt it unusual for an iranian to go to ksa all by himself on a pilgrimage? i would think he'd go with family or a group of pilgrims. his solo trip to mecca sounds a little suspicious. was he a very religious person?

sometimes he says he was watched all the time by cia and other times he said he had relative freedom. which is the truth? he must have had a fair amount of freedom to be able to go to a cyber-cafe and make the video.

how do we know he was actually living in tucson? no one there seems to have known him and he said he was living in a house there. you'd think some people would recognize him as their neighbor, but no one has said that, and there is nothing about him now in the tucson newspapers. and if his house was stormed by the cia after he made the video, i'm sure some neighbors would be letting the press know what they saw, but again there are no reports about this. i dont think any house was stormed by the cia in tucson. what was the address of his house?

his story about his escape from the cia is also suspicious. if he was being watched closely, i doubt he would have been able to escape. its not that hard to guard someone. and, if he had escaped, how did the cia end up bringing him to the pakistani embassy?

i think no one is telling the complete truth here, not amiri and not the cia.

did iran really threaten his son? i find that a little hard to believe that they would hurt an innocent kid. by the way, amiri doesnt look like a great father. his kid is obviously scared and crying, and dad is just grinning and giving the peace sign for the cameras, with no concern for his kid.

also, if amiri was under such stress and tortured, why is he so fat? does he claim they force fed him?

why is there so much war? it really doesnt solve anything. we should lock all the leaders in a room and not let them out until they come to an agreement. people should just refuse to fight. its only governments that want war, not the people.

good night, iran.


Jan. J.

I agree with Thomas L Fournier. I use to be able to say I was proud to be an American,I can't anymore.

Rob Sullivan

To the Iranian people: It's good to see an Iranian website which exposes true Iranian political news and opinions.In the west, one might as well read Grimm's fairy tales regarding the truthfulness and accuracy of news releases by the Zionist focused news agencies. As a political scientist, I am saddened to dwell in a society characterized by a majority of dupes.  RMS

Thomas L. Fournier

I would like to write a letter to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  I admire your President.  Would you please email me his proper address.  I am an American citizen and as an American would like to apologize for my governments horrible behavior toward Iran.  Unfortunately my government and its media are controlled by satanic zionist. your friend,

Chris Lee

Your article ...  " Letter Warned 9/11 Commission Against Deep   Investigation " Sounds very much it supports the "Operation Northwoods" style thinking
on 9/11.... More will come out of this eventually Cheers...


Mohammad from Karaj-Iran,

BRAVO MY IRAN. We were waiting for the good nuclear news. Tell the arogant Americans that all of IRAN now support Ahmadinejad.


Nancy from Holland,

Say hello to my Iranian friends and way you go. Don't stop the nuclear program nobody believes the Americans they are being too arrogant.

The internal problem is manifest in usa's global murder campaign to control the world by violent means:

This is real history...alas..the proof is that all algerians wants to leave for Europe..they are invading Italy,France , Spain, Belgium (where the majority is now muslims) they have multiple wives,and 7.2 childrens per family.... average European fam. 1.5.. do the math..Europe is now submerged by muslims from all over the arab's a plan very well organized..I forget to mentionned U.K , where the sharia law is now taking over in some district over the usual british justice system....This is the realty.stay informed.

You call this a news site?  This site makes our American media look to be completely unbiased.  I could not believe how many false, twisted and incomplete statements I read just on the first page of this site. Please do yourself a favor and try to gain some credibility like Al-Jazera.  At least that way we may be able to believe your stories.

I am from Jamaica and i agree with Mr. Chavez in nationalizing the banks  .In Jamaica it is hard for an individual like me who operates a car rental business to get a loan because i  do not have the requirements that the banks need.I have a powerful website that brings in a lot of reservations but have to give these reservations to the big car rental companies for a commission.
When its the busy season i am not able to get their cars to rent because they say they dont have enough cars.Help me get the loans that i need to be strong.

reader from US 

Hugo Chavez is a hero!  I hope that he is not forced to back away from his statement of creating an embassy in Palestine.  My country (I am a U.S. citizen) would have defended the Palestinians at one time, but my country is gone. The great United States is now just a province of Israel.  Washington D.C. is just a corrupt backwater town: our capitol is Tel Aviv/Jerusalem.  The U.S. is gone, defeated by an enemy from within.  I truly thought that Pres Obama would make real changes, but he has -- basically -- the same neo-con advisors and is following the same stupid policies of the moron George Bush.

Jake, Finland  

I think Israel together with the Arab countries should start an air bombing campaign to reduce the Iran threat and force Iran to reveal all information and verifiably stop all nuclear activities - including civilian related activities.
The air bombing should start with nuclear targets, military targets and should be extended very soon to strategic targets like refineries and other oil installments.
This is the only way to stop Iran and save the region.

Jane -  Seattle, Washington, USA

Hi, this Jane from Seattle. I hate what our secretary of state is saying these days. They are coming to us as surprises. I hope there never be a war between our countries and send my best wishes for the future.


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