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Chechen Group Claims Responsibility For Moscow Bombings


I promise you that the war will come to your streets and you will feel it in

your lives: Chechen leader.


April 01, 2020 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Chechen group leader Doku Umarov calling himself as the ‘Emir of the Caucasus Emirate’, claimed responsibility for the twin bombings that ripped through Moscow’s famed subway stations killing 39 people.


Umarov said he ordered the bombings as revenge against Russian army’s military attacks on innocent civilians in Chechnya last month. ‘The war is coming to their cities" and that "the zone of military operations will be extended to the territory of Russia,’ Umarov said in a video posted on the groups website on Wednesday.


‘I promise you that the war will come to your streets and you will feel it in your lives, feel it on your own skin,’ the Chechen leader added. The Russians do the same operation in Chechnya; the people in Russia only watch these operations on TV and do nothing about it. But we live it as a reality in Chechnya.


Another person associated with the group, Shamsuddin Botokayov said the purpose of the bombings was to take the war to the streets and homes in Russia so they can taste what Chechen people are going through. Botokayov demanded Russian troops withdrawal from the Caucasus and warned that failure to do so would bring more devastating attacks on Russia in the future.




Chechen leader Doku Umarov promises more devastating attacks on Russia in

coming days





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