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Russian Investigators Identified Suspected Suicide Bomber


Police said Abdullayeva met her husband last year through internet.


April 03, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Russian investigators said they have found the identity of one of the suicide bombers who blew themselves up inside Moscow’s metro station last Monday.


They identified the suspect as Dzhanet Abdullayeva 17, who was the young widow of a high-ranking Chechen fighter killed by Russian security forces last year.


Russian investigators said that Dzhanet and her partner carrying high explosives entered the Park Kultury metro station accompanied by two other men. Later the men detonated the explosives from a distance using a remote device.


The twin bombings killed 39 and injured more that 70 people. The 17-year old Abdullayeva lived in an apartment in Khasavyurtsky a town in region of Degestan.


Her husband named Umalat Magomedov was a high-ranking Chechen fighter close to the leader of the group Doku Umarov who issued a statement a few days ago taking responsibility for the bombings through a website associated with the group


Police said Abdullayeva met her husband last year through internet and subsequently married him before he was killed by security forces.



The 17- year-old Dzhanet Abdullayeva has been identified by the Russian police as the one of the suicide bombers at a Moscow metro station last week.


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