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Japan's Local Governor Oppose Relocation of the US Military Base


The US base in Okinawa  is notorious for spreading criminal activities including random cases of rapes upon local schoolgirls.


April 03, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Japan’s district of Kagoshima Prefecture Yuichiro Ito along with a vast majority of the island’s residents expressed strong opposition to the proposed relocation of US Marine Corps Air Station currently causing major troubles in Okinawa.


The US base in Okinawa  is notorious for its deep involvement in criminal activities including random cases of rapes upon local schoolgirls and gang activities conducted by soldiers.


Yuichiro Ito told reporters that he will not allow relocation of such a criminal base on its nature-loving island. He also said that thousands of local residents oppose the move which seem to have been proposed by the Hatoyama government in Tokyo.


Hatoyama, who is gradually losing his earlier support by the Japanese, is now contemplating another controversial act that would surely infuriates residents of Tokunoshima and others. ‘The government has never consulted with any of the three mayors about the issue, even though it advocates the decentralization of authority,’ said Tokunoshima Mayor Hideki Takaoka.


Residents say they cannot allow noise from military aircrafts, crime against children and other ills associated with a US military base to operate on their island.


‘Tokunoshima is an island with rich nature and farming. Our living would be destroyed by the base,’ local farmer Tokuhiro Motoda told reporters.






US plans to relocate its military base on the island of Okinawa Following massive demonstrations by the Okinawans




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