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Karzai Blasts US and NATO War Plans


Afghan government officials should not let "foreigners" meddle in their work: Karzai.


April 04, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Afghanistan’s President Hamid Krazai has once again blamed the US and NATO for dragging on their so-called war against terrorism in his country at the time when foreign troops are readying themselves for a major offensive on Kandahar Province in the next couple of months.


Attending a large meeting with over 1500 tribal elders in the southern city of Kandahar, Karzai said he is going to consult tribal elders and the people of Afghanistan before allowing the Western offensive to take place against Taliban or other Afghans.


‘Afghanistan will be fixed when its people trust their president is independent ... when the people trust the government is independent and not a puppet, government officials should not let "foreigners" meddle in their work,’ Karzai told the large group of tribal elders.


The Afghan President’s comment is sure to create a rift with Washington, which has never really sought to bring an end to a war that serves its grand design for global hegemony.


‘The other day, I told Mr. (Barack) Obama: I can't fix this nation through war,’ Karzai said, adding that the war has been going on for eight years with no end in sight. Last week, Afghan President lashed out at foreigners for being behind election fraud, bribing officials and trying to undermine his power and his government.


Afghan President's views on national unity

runs contrary to Western plans for dragging

the war in Afghanistan



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