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Tehran to Host a Major Nuclear Disarmament Conference


Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None Conference to be held April 17-18 in Tehran.


Tehran, April 05, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iran plans to hold a major nuclear disarmament at the end of this month, announced Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mihmanparast yesterday.


He said the conference will be a success with great participation from around 60 countries.  ‘The estimates show that this conference will be warmly welcomed by countries,’ Mihmanparast told reporters.


The conference is called ‘Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for No One’ will be scheduled from April 17 and 18 in Tehran. ‘We believe that peaceful nuclear technology for meeting the requirements of development is one of the fundamental rights of all countries,’ the spokesman said adding that the title of the conference clearly indicates Iran’s support for a universal nuclear disarmament.


The United States and its Western allies despite repeated announcements over a world free of nuclear weapons take hold of thousands of nuclear weapons while also allocating huge funds to build new generations of nuclear weapons.


‘So far many pledges have been made in regard to nuclear disarmament across the globe, but unfortunately, it seems that the countries that chant these slogans are the same ones that are making the utmost efforts to develop nuclear weapons,’ Mihmanparast said.


According to Mihmanparast, Iran is a harbinger of peace and a staunch supporter of non-proliferation and thereby it invites all peace loving nations around the world to join efforts for an all-out global nuclear disarmament.




So far many pledges have been made in regard to nuclear disarmament across the globe.



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