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Russia returns to Latin America


We take as a premise that Russia should return to Latin America: Evo Morales.


April 05, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Russia’s fresh initiative in Latin America and signing of major military, cultural and scientific contracts with Latin American nations delivered some finishing touches to America’s long-lost prestige in that region.


Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin signed major energy contracts with Venezuela during his first visit to the region.


The contract granted a 2 billion euro loan to Venezuela and the two states agreed to boost their military cooperation. During his visit to Caracas, Putin met Bolivia’s progressive President Evo Morales and an agreement was made for a top-ranking Bolivian delegation to visit Russia later this month.


Moscow enjoys excellent relationship with Latin America. Following his meeting with Putin, the Bolivian President said, ‘We take as a premise that Russia should return to Latin America, and that is why [we] are positively seeking to expand diplomatic, economic, and trade relations with Moscow.’ 


Russia’s outstanding industrial expertise could help with long-term development and infrastructural projects in Latin America.  Moscow is also well poised to play a more active role in the region’s rich energy sectors.



Bolivian President wants Moscow to play a more proactive role in Latin America



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