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Karzai Threatens to Join the Taliban


If I come under foreign pressure, I might join the Taliban: Karzai.


April 06, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - On Monday Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai threatened to quit his post as the head of the government and instead join the Taliban that resists the occupation of his homeland.


‘Karzai said that 'if I come under foreign pressure, I might join the Taliban,'" Farooq Marenai, who is a local lawmaker said yesterday. This is the second time in less than a week that Karzai voices opposition to US and Nato forces dragging on the war strategy. Karzai already made it clear that he would endorse indefinite occupation of his country by the US-led Nato.


He also said he will ask local tribal elders and people before allowing an offensive on the Kandahar Province in the next few months. Karazi blamed the United States for most of the corruption happening in Afghanistan and said Western powers were behind the election frauds.


The Afghan President during his visit to Kandahar this week told over 1500 tribal leaders that Afghans would not allow foreigners meddle in the country’s affairs and Afghan people do not like to see their leaders acting as puppets for others.


Taliban forces resisting the occupation of their homeland by Western powers



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