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Russia and the U.S. to Sign a New Nuclear Arms Treaty


Reducing a few warheads in a symbolic way, won’t really address the nuclear arms crisis on the planet.


April 08, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Today in Prague, Russia and the United States will reach a new nuclear arms agreement after presidents of the two countries will sign this mostly symbolic show on the global nuclear disarmament.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev arrived in the Czech Republic this morning, talking to reporters he said, ‘The treaty is an important document on which the overall situation in nuclear disarmament depends to a great extent - and so does, speaking in general, the overall situation on the planet.’ US President will also join Medvedev for the signing ceremony.


The two nations currently possess thousands of nuclear weapons in their inventories; therefore, reducing a few warheads won’t really address the nuclear arms crisis on the planet. Also both countries agreed that they might annul the agreement at any time in the future.


The overall agreement envisions a 30 percent reduction in the number of nuclear weapons for a maximum of 1550 nuclear warheads for each of the countries.


’In terms of the reductions themselves, the treaty is not so substantive; it is, however, a modest confidence boosting measure. The limits are somewhat lower than in previous treaties, but if we hadn't reached this treaty people would become very concerned,’ Richard Weitz, the director of the Hudson Institute's Center for Political-Military Analysis, told Al Jazeera.



The new nuclear treaty says it will limit the number of warheads to 1550 for each of the two countries




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