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Iran Launches Domestic Missile Shield


The Mersad system uses Iranian manufactured mid-range Shahin missiles, which seek and destroy incoming aerial threats with high accuracy.


April 12, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi unveiled the country’s latest missile shield defense dubbed Mersad system yesterday. The system uses Iranian manufactured mid-range Shahin missile, which can seek and destroy incoming aerial threats with high accuracy.


‘The Mersad air defense system that is ready for delivery to the Air Defense Base is a mid-range defense system capable of destroying advanced airplanes in low and mid altitudes,’ General Ahmad Vahidi told reporters. The new system is considered a defensive weapon used against aerial attacks.


Meanwhile in Tehran the Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihmanparast said Iran intends to file a complaint at the UN over the US president’s threatening remarks of using nuclear weapons against other countries such as Iran and North Korea. ‘Obama's implicit threat to use nuclear weapons against Iran was a threat to global peace and security’, Ramin Mehmanparast said.


The United States simply says Iran is not complying with the NPT and that’s the reason behind its latest decision to issue a nuclear warning. The Obama administration officials believe there’s a general consensus amongst world nations to stop Iran from advancing further on its domestic nuclear program.


According to the US Secretary of State, due to Western practicing of patience on the nuclear issue, the international community is now fully united against Tehran. ‘What we have found over the last months, because of our strategic patience, and our willingness to keep on this issue, is that countries are finally saying, 'You know, I kind of get it ... they're the ones who shut the door, and now we have to do something,’ Clinton said.


The US Secretary of State’s claim contradicts what is  in fact happening on international scene. In reality most leading countries of the world support the Iranian nuclear program and they are convinced of its peaceful nature.

Last week China and Russia dismissed Western threats of economic sanctions against Iran. The emerging giant, Brazil has already dismissed Washington’s bellicose policies and reiterated readiness to build a constructive relationship with Iran. NAM countries also voiced support for Iran's nuclear program. 





The new system is considered a defensive weapon used against aerial attacks.


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