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The World Must Take Action to Disarm Israel: Erdogan


Until now, we haven't seen any request or intent from the international community with regards to Israel's disarmament.


April 12, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - In Ankara, just before attending a nuclear summit in Washington this week, the Turkish Prime Minister a vocal critic of Israeli atrocities against people of Gaza, said the world must take serious actions to disarm Israel in a bid to make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.


Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the international community to open its eyes on Israel’s dangerous nuclear brinkmanship in this sensitive region.  Most believe Israel possesses over 200 nuclear weapons hidden somewhere within its relatively small territory.


Tel-Aviv engaged in secret nuclear bomb building activities with direct assistances from the West in the 50’s and has ever since served like an armed police officer in the oil-rich Middle East following a post WWII arrangement made by the Anglo-Saxon /Francophone axis.


The Turkish Prime Minister has been one the most high-ranking vocal critics of Israel in recent years. Two yeas ago he blasted Tel-Aviv over killing many innocent civilians including women and children during a late 2008 offensive on Gaza by the Israeli forces.


Now before attending a nuclear disarmament summit in Washington next Sunday, Erdogan draws everyone’s attention to Israel’s repeated failures to obey the international rules. ‘Until now, we haven't seen any request or intent from the international community with regards to Israel's (disarmament).


We are going to ask the international community: why haven't you addressed this issue?’ said Erdogan. He added that despite Israeli nuclear brinkmanship all the attentions have been focused on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. Israel refuses to join the NPT and as Erdogan said it has been given a free ticket ‘to do what it wants.’




Turkish Prime Minister is one the highest ranking vocal critics of Israel.


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