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Summit Underlines the Threat Posed by Nuclear Terrorism


The president didn't mention the fact that it was the United States as the only country in history that has ever used nuclear bombs against other humans.


April 13, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - In the United States the US President is hosting representatives from the five nuclear power nations and 42 others in a mostly symbolic nuclear summit similar to the environmental summit in Copenhagen last year that ended with no conclusive outcome.


Like Copenhagen, leaders from around the world gather in a partly like atmosphere surrounded by thousands of security personnel, ten of thousands of troops keeping everything under control. But this summit like all other major conferences would most likely end without any progress towards a global nuclear disarmament.


The US president again delivered a nice speech to world leaders at the summit. He said, ‘So today is an opportunity not simply to talk, but to act, not simply to make pledges, but to make real progress for the security of our people.’


Obama said the world today is much safer than what it was during the cold war, but today terrorists seeking nuclear bombs pose the main threat.  According to Obama, terrorists would not hesitate to use nuclear bombs against the civilized world and therefore the goal should be eliminating threats posed by nuclear terrorism. ‘If al-Qaeda gained nuclear weapons it would be a ‘catastrophe for the world,’ said Obama.


The president didn't mention the fact that it was the United States as the only country in history that has ever used nuclear bombs against other humans. He went on saying that all the responsible countries must join their efforts to bring peace to the world. ‘To get each country to commit to a set of steps that it will take individually to secure the nuclear materials within its borders or to send them somewhere else where they can be secured. And there will also be a lot of talk about strengthening the IAEA safeguards.’


Overall from Obama’s speech one could decipher that the United States’ strategy is to tell every country in the world to first eliminate their nuclear weapons and also make sure that there would be no weapons-grade material from falling into the hands of terrorists, and then if all goes well, the US may decide to  reduce its own nuclear stockpiles.


Just like the summit in Copenhagen the Obama administration was trying to place the burden on someone else’s shoulder.  In Copenhagen, the United States simply ignored the fact that his country is the biggest environmental polluter while demanding lower emissions from other countries.






The world's largest nuclear armed country is holding a summit to eliminate threats posed by nuclear terrorism.


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