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Tehran Nuclear Summit Proposes a Nuclear Free World


Iran’s main intension for holding this conference is for nuclear-armed countries to take practical steps towards disarmament.


Tehran, April 15, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - The upcoming nuclear summit (April 17 – 18) dubbed Nuclear energy for all ‘Nuclear weapons for none’ in Tehran proposes a world free of nuclear weapons, according to Iran’s deputy foreign minister Mehdi Akhoundzadeh.


‘We would like to send a very strong message from the capital of Iran, Tehran, the center of the Middle East, that nuclear weapons do not have a place in this very sensitive part of the world,’ Akhoundzadeh told Iran’s English language Press TV yesterday.


Tehran nuclear summit comes after a mostly symbolic show of concerns where the US president Barack Obama invited leaders from six nuclear-armed nations and 46 others to Washington this week. The final message seems to have been that the US would be willing to consider a gradual  reduction of own nuclear stockpiles, if and only if, the rest of the world dump theirs and make sure they don’t fall into terrorists’ hands.  Another technocratic marvel by Obama, the summit ended without conclusive results as how to initiate a global nuclear disarmament.


 On the other hand, the upcoming summit in Tehran envisions a world free of nuclear weapons. Representatives from more than 60 countries around the globe will attend the two-day summit to discuss practical measures for global nuclear disarmament.


‘Iran’s main intension for holding this conference is for nuclear-armed countries to take practical steps towards disarmament,’ said Akhoundzadeh. The Iranian official added, it (the conference) isn’t held in order to overshadow what went on in Washington this week but one more message to oblige nuclear-armed nations reduce their nuclear warheads in earnest. 


A major nuclear conference with representatives from more than 60

countries is to be held April 17-18

in the Iranian capital, Tehran 



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