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McCain: US Should Hold a Loaded Gun at Iran


Like in Hollywood movies, John McCain says the US should hold a loaded gun at Iran short of pulling the trigger.



Tehran, April 15, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - US senator John McCain warned the Obama administration that it is time now to pull the trigger on Iran before itís going to become too late to do so.


He said Iran will get the bomb unless the United States moves in to stop it. Just like in Hollywood movies, he proposed a scenario in which the US would hold a loaded gun at Iran but fails to pull the trigger. 


John McCain and his former teammate during the last election, Sarah Palin, often support taking extreme measures against the rest of the world. They like to emphasize Americaís divine responsibility in pursuing own cowboy course of actions in a puritanical and straightforward fashion.


Two years ago McCain sang, Ďbomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iraní from a famous song. Also Sarah Palin urged the US president Barack Obama to use nuclear bombs against Iran.



US Senator John McCain



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