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Right Groups Stage Rallies Across the U.S.


Recently, the world-renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky warned of the growing extremism in America which could lead to the rise of fascism in that country.

April 16, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Extreme right-wing groups held noisy demonstrations across the US on a day called the Tax Day to vent their angers at Obama administration’s soft handling of the country’s affairs.

Thousands of demonstrators in major cities including Seattle in Washington State attended Republican tea party gatherings to promote their extremist views about the world and America’s position in it. The tea party supporters are advocators of free market capitalism and believe this is the true American value and a sign of strength exportable to other countries.

These groups are demanding the Obama administration to stop providing help for poor people. They say every individual has inner abilities that could overcome every problem such as hunger, unemployment, homelessness even during a depression. Right-wing political figures including Sarah Palin, who are known to have very limited visions about the world, appeal to tea party attendees.

Recently, the famous intellectual Noam Chomsky warned of the growing extremism in America, a situation that could lead to the rise of fascism. Chomsky said a growing economic mess caused by neoliberal deregulations and casino capitalistm was behind the rise of fascism in the US.

In Olympia about 3000 demonstrators chanted slogans against heavy government interventions in the economy and creeping socialism. They chanted, ‘No to socialism,’ ‘We are the people and born free, tax to death.’ Another demonstrator chanted, ‘we’re paying too much of our hard-earned money on a bloated, inefficient government.’

A woman in her 70’s said she wanted her country back because she was disillusioned with the radical left-wing liberal Democrats in Congress and elsewhere.’ ‘There’s no one braver than a capitalist since the business owners and entrepreneurs create wealth and opportunity for others,’ she opined.





Right-wing groups blame government interventions for the current economic mess


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