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Iran Begins Construction on a New Enrichment Plant


Having a domestic uranium fuel enrichment program does not contradict importing it.

April 19, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iran today announced construction works on a new enrichment plant has started. In accordance with the country’s plan to expand its enrichment program as earlier indicated.

‘Newer locations have been designated and initial construction is underway,’ said Mojtaba Samareh-Hashemi an aid to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hashemi added that the Iranian President has already confirmed location for a new site and the construction process is continuing, as reported by Reuters..


The announcement comes at the time when the Obama administration is seeking tougher sanctions on Iran because of the latter’s speedy progress in developing a domestic nuclear program. Tehran has already achieved a full-fledged nuclear program where since the past three months the country’s enrichment plants have produced several kilograms of higher enriched uranium fuel for Tehran’s sole medical reactor. Once the enrichment process is completed, nuclear fuel rods will be installed at the core of the reactor supplied by the United States in the 70’s.


Samareh-Hashemi said, ‘ having a domestic uranium fuel enrichment program does not contradict importing it.’ Moreover according to Hashemi-Samareh  Iran is producing fuel for Tehran medical reactor because of urgent demands and the process would continue until the country’s needs are met. 


A location for the new site has been approved and construction is already underway





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