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September 11, 2001Unanswered Questions


Astounding Revelations Question the Validity of the Sept. 11 events.


VIDEO - See atoning new revelations by experts on the events of the Sep.11

April 21, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Newly released revelations by experts bring forth unanswered questions on the validity of US government explanations of the September 11 attacks on World Trade Centre twin towers in New York.

Former US President George W. Bush took the opportunity to stage a massive invasion of sovereign states, Iraq and Afghanistan following the events. Ever since the invasion, the US army and its allies continue their presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan apparently without a clear timetable to leave the region.

†Hamsayeh.Net will present a series of videos on this topic, consecutively.

VIDEO - See atoning new revelations

†by experts on the events of the Sep.11

Only a huge amount of dust remained out of all the concrete used to build the twin towers

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