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US Calls on Iran to Release the Three American Detainees


The were trio supposedly hiking in the war-torn Iraqi Kurdistan very close to the border when arrested on the Iranian side on  July 31, last year.


Tehran, April 24, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - US government calls on Iran to release three Americans detained in Iran for illegally crossing the border after nearly nine month. It also asked the Iranian government to give visas to the families of the detainees.


The families of three Americans detained in Iran say their sons and daughter are innocent ad should come back home. On Thursday, US States department spokesman P.J. Crowley told reporters that there was no reason for continuing to detain the young Americans at Tehran’s Evin prison.


‘These three Americans have been incarcerated for almost nine months without formal charges or access to legal representation,’ Crowley said adding, ‘They were simply innocent tourists in Iraq Kurdistan region when they were first detained. There’s no justification for their continued detention and should be released immediately.’


The trio were supposedly hiking in the war-torn, highly dangerous Iraqi Kurdistan very close to the border when arrested on the Iranian side on  July 31, last year. The mothers of two of the three, Sarah Shroud and Shane Bauer say their son and daughter suffer from various ailments both emotional and physical while in detention.


Last month Iranian authorities said they had evidence, to be revealed soon, that shows the trio were in fact working for foreign intelligence services, conducting a mission near the Iranian border when they were first arrested.




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