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Caracas Reiterates its Support for Iran's Nuclear Stance


Mr. Chavez Fully Agrees With Iran's  Stance on Global Disarmament: Ambassador.


Tehran, April 24, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Venezuelan Ambassador to Iran David N. Velasquez Carabello in an interview with Fars News Agency, Saturday, conveyed his country’s total support for Iran’s stance on global nuclear disarmament issued during a major conference held in Tehran last week.


The Ambassador said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez agrees with the Iranian Leader and its President on nuclear disarmament. ‘Mr. Chavez agrees with Iran’s stance on nuclear disarmament that says WMD’s must be dismantled completely and not gradually,’ FNA quoted the Ambassador as saying.


The nuclear conference was held in Tehran last week in which representatives from over 60 countries attended the meetings. A final communiqué called on all major nuclear weapons states to immediately dismantle their nuclear stockpiles. It also drew world’s attention to United States’ complete disregards for global nuclear disarmament.


The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said in letter on the occasion, ‘ If the claims of the US on fighting proliferation of nuclear weapons were not lies, could the Zionist regime transform the occupied Palestinian territories into a nuclear arsenal stockpiles, while at the same time skipping the international rules especially the NPT safeguards.’


The Bolivarian nation of Venezuela has been a staunch supporter of a new global economic system that opposes the current US casino capitalism  and its constant search for raw materials found in other locations around the world. Caracas is a leading member of ALBA, an alternative economic and cultural alliance for all of Latin America.

Caracas is a leading member of ALBA, an alternative economic and cultural alliance

for all of Latin America.


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 by experts on the events of the Sep.11




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