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Iran Conducts Missile Tests Successfully


Nasr 1 missile is capable of sinking large seaborne vessels with high accuracy.


Tehran, April 25, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - Iranian armed forces conducted decisive missile exercises in the final stage of military drills in the Persian Gulf and Hormuz Strait. IRGC units fired up to five different types of missiles from shore-to-sea and sea-to-sea, all hitting their designated targets successfully.


Two of the tests were long-range coast-to-sea missiles and the other two were sea-to-sea, with a single mid-range fired at several targets simultaneously. Iran enjoys a prolific domestic missile industry unique in all of Middle East. The country began manufacturing various types of missiles soon after the end of Iran-Iraq war, a war that former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein initiated with full backings from Washington and its allies.


One of todayís missile test included the short-range Nasr 1. This missile is capable of sinking large seaborne vessels with high accuracy.  The recent military drills in the Persian Gulf and the Strait f Hormuz started four days ago and its purpose was to boost combat preparedness of the naval forces.


The narrow strategic waterway in the Persian Gulf known as the Strait of Hormuz is perhaps the single most important location in today's global geopolitics and a main artery for the world economy. Western industrial nations depend on imported oil passed through the waterway and thus its closure would lead to a rapid collapse of Western economies.


Nasr 1 and other Shore-to-sea missile were test fired by the IRGC naval units at the mouth of the Persian Gulf today



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