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Ecuador Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Colombia's Presidential Hopeful


Jose Manuel Santos Had a Role Behind 2008 Terrorist Bombing in Ecuador: the High Court.


April 28, 2010 (Hamsayeh.Net) - An Ecuadorian high court issued an arrest warrant for neighboring Colombian presidential hopeful Juan Manuel Santos, who as an ultra-rightist figure was behind a 2008 bombing inside Ecuador.


The bombing killed more than 24 anti-imperialist fighters including second commander Raul Reyes of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia known as FARC. The presidential hopeful Jose Manuel Santos is a staunch ally of Washington where he plans to reintroduce an outdated version of neo-liberal market practices in Colombia contrary  to other Latin American countries inclinations to implement broader social programs.


Since Colombia is relatively poor with respect to oil and natural gas resources in comparison to Venezuela and Ecuador, consecutive Colombian governments have shown a strong tendency providing leap services to Washington in return for financial assistance.


Alvaro Uribe the current Colombian President, who is also another ally of Washington, warned Ecuador that relationships between the two countries could turn sour if the courtís ruling is not reversed.  ĎThis is very serious, we have made every effort to advance the reestablishment of relations with Ecuador and we will continue doing so, but this decision by the Ecuadorian courts affects that process,í Uribe told reporters.


Earlier Ecuadorian progressive President Rafael Correa said of Jose Manuel Santos that his coming into power would pose a grave danger to the rest of Latin America.



Energy rich Ecuador is Latin America's Fourth Largest oil and gas Exporter


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