Thursday, 20 September 2012 04:48:52
Israel Launches A Surprise Drill Near Syrian Border

The Israeli Defense Force has begun surprise live-fire war games on the Golan Heights, bordering unstable Lebanon and Syria. Officially, the Israeli military is practicing combat readiness to repel possible sudden attack from Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video

Was the release of the video a random event, one of those unpredictables that can arise at any moment to foil the best-laid plans? Perhaps.

Turkish security forces foil plot to sell cesium-137

Turkish security forces have seized two tubes of radioactive cesium-137 being transported in a vehicle in the northeastern province of Giresun on the Black Sea, Press TV reports.

Avoiding us Like the Plague

Recently, former Mosad Spymaster Meir Dagan stated on CBS news that to attack Iran (at least for the present time) would be most foolish! Britain's senior envoy met with Netanyahu to reiterate the same message, as did US Defense leaders, German defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Chancellor Merkel herself!

Terrorists, saboteurs may have infiltrated IAEA: Iran’s nuclear chief

The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) said on Monday that "terrorists and saboteurs" might have infiltrated the International Atomic Energy Agency in an effort to derail Iran’s nuclear program.

The United States and Israel: Which One Takes More Advantage of the Other?

It is now a generally recognized and accepted assumption that “the United States government and statesmen have been, and still are, one way or another under the influence and swayed by demands of various Israeli governments.

Terror and Teargas on the Streets of Bahrain - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (in the U.S. at Least)

Jihan Kazerooni and I drove past scores of armed riot police on Budaiya highway as her iPhone buzzed non-stop: phone calls, Skype calls and, incessantly, Twitter. I had wondered what the phrase “Twitter revolution” really meant when I heard it used in connection with Iran in 2009 and Egypt in 2011. Here, in the small Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain, I was beginning to grasp the concept.

The Moslem World’s Rage; Justified or Misplaced?

Since the events of  9/11, the whole Moslem community has been engulfed in panic, death, and destruction through such provocative expressions of “free speech”.    The United States government, in defiance of this  precedent has decided not to prevent such “substantive evils”.

The Human Cost: “Your Life And The Lives of Those You Love Are Just Pawns On Their Chessboard”

There is no single event that has brought the world to the crisis which we now face. It’s been a coordinated, long-term plan whose seeds were sown decades ago.

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