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Energy Economics



Let Them Eat Cake - Chelsea's Wedding

China is Officially the World's Second Largest Economy

China is Officially the World's Second Largest Economy


North Korea Might be Preparing for a Nuclear Warhead Test

US should stop meddling in Asian issues

China Says its Ready to Counter Threats Looming Near its Borders


How Think Tanks, Foundations, Big Oil and CIA Undermine Democracy

Daily Says US Keeps Ignoring to Recognize China as a Major Power

Japanese Supertanker Explosion Occurred Outside the Strait of Hormuz


Bernanke Stopped Short of Telling the Whole Story

Russian Investigators Say Cheonan Sank by a Sea Mine Explosion

The Obama regime has made War the Business of America

US-Israel Plan Two More Wars Within the Next Three Months


America's Economic Bewilderment

Cuba Marks Revolution's Anniversary

New Era of American Slavery System

Iran Well Prepared to Confront Enemy Threats: Senior Commander


China Calls America's Bluff

Why Afghanistan?

Venezuela Might Cut Off Oil Exports to U.S.A.


America Threatens Russia: War games on Russia's Doorstep

Iran Will React Swiftly to Illegal Inspection of its Shipping

Hugo Chavez Warns of a Regional War With US-Baked Colombia


Iran Announces Start up of Fusion Research Phase

DPRK Issues A Stern Warning Prior to the Start of US - S. Korea Drill

Iran and Turkey Signed a Multi-Billion Dollar Gas Contract


No to Oligarchy

Diego Maradona: I Support Hugo Chavez Until the End

Koreans Living in Sakhalin Demand Compensation From Japan

Cuba Urges Israel to Lift Gaza Blockade

Venezuela Breaks Relations With the US-Backed Government in Colombia


Myth-Debunking Snopes Obscures Israel's Role in 9/11

Bernanke Paints a Bleak Picture of the US Economy Ahead

US Report Says Total Costs of War on Terror Nearly $1 Trillion


Iran, North Korea and Cuba Parliament Speakers Meet in Geneva

The Giant Debt Bubble to Pop Soon

North Korea Blasts US-South Korean Joint Military Exercise

Americans Join Boycott of Israeli Produced Goods


Iran Will Not Back Down an Iota in its Nuclear Standoff With the West

USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier Deployed to South Korea

US Economic Bewilderment


The Role of Consumer Spending in Phony Economic Growth

Castro Asks Mandela to Keep S. Africa Away From US-NATO Military Presence

Iranian Official Dismisses US Offer of Talks

Further Leakage Detected Near Capped BP Well


Over A Barrel: Peak Oil per Capita

Russia Deploys Powerful Iskander Missiles Along Its North-Western Frontier

Why Would Chinaís Rating Agency Rate The U. S. AA When It Is No Better Than Junk?

Simon Bolivar's Remains to Undergo DNA Testing


Zahra and Yama Prefer Selling Handkerchiefs Than Telling Fortune

The Origin of Wars

Venezuela Recalls its Ambassador to Colombia


U.S. Risks Military Clash With China In Yellow Sea

The Fall of Obama

New Financial Reform Bill, Another Symbolic Move To Buy Time

British Think Tank Warns of Global Repercussions


An Ominous State of Nihilism Casts Its Dark Shadow Over The US Economy

Scientist Tells the World About His Tormented Visit to USA

The End Game and the Illusory Gold Bubble

Amiri Reconfirms Abduction by US-Backed Agents Upon His Return


Saving Face In Unwinnable War

Iranian Nuclear Scientist Gained Freedom After One Year In U.S. Captivity

Kidnapped Iranian scientist exposes US government as a criminal enterprise

Freed Iranian Nuclear Scientist is Due to Return Back to Iran


US-Israeli ruling Elites Undermining Their Own National Interests

50 Underreported Facts About the US Economy

Castro Warns of the New Phase of US-Israeli Aggressions Against the World


What Christians Donít Know About Israel

Iran Has Produced 20 kg of 20 Percent Enriched Uranium Fuel

Humanitarian Aid Ship Will not be Allowed to Reach Gaza: Says Israel


The worst of Times, the Best of Times

US Seeks to Dominate Russia

Life After Oil: Cuba Can Teach the US How to Live


Disaster Capitalism Hits Europe (and the US is Next)

India Spurns US Self-Inflicted Sanctions on Iran

Turkey Warns Israel of Sanctions


Eurasian Gas Pipeline Projects Pose Greatest Nightmare For Uncle Sam

Runaway Recession How Did Happen, How Bad Will It Get?

History's Ten Greatest Economic Blunders

US Army Officials Expect the Casualties to Mount


Venezuela and Ecuador Use The New Regional Currency For First ALBA Trade

Hillary Clinton's Latest Lies

China's Economic Progress

US Hawks Maul Military Attack on Iran


Iran to launch Bushehr in September

US Facing Severe Economic Crisis

US Job Market to Lose 400,000 Full-Time Positions


Exploding Unemployment

Colombia's Santos Could be Arrested if He Visited Ecuador



Turkey Says ready to Severe Diplomatic Relations With Israel

Afghan War: Petraeus Expands U.S. Military Presence Throughout Eurasia

Signs of Economic Demise Everywhere

US Brought Bankruptcy to Pakistan: Imran Khan


Felony Charges, Big Fines Reporting Incidents Involving Big Corporations

How Goldman Gambled on Starvation


US Unemployment Level Up

The Stray Bullet Theory

Syria Supports Return of the Malvinas to Argentine Motherland


The Day of Reckoning is Near

Veteran Iranian-American Professor Talks of US Police Brutality Against Him

Obama Approves New Self-Inflicted Iran Sanctions Bill


Connecting The Zionist Dots

25 Signs to Support An Economic Collapse

United States' Financial Crisis Deepening

Iran Plans Production of Long-Range Anti-Missile System

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