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Iranian Association for

Energy Economics



Slaughter at Sea

Brazil, U.S. On A Collision Course

At Least 20 Killed as Israel Censors Attack on Flotilla

Israeli Troops Attack Aid-Carrying Flotilla


Chomsky Warns of New Israeli Madness Against Lebanon

Russia Demands Explanation for Missile Deployment in Poland

Obama's Letter Reveals His Duplicity Toward Iran


Pyongyang Blames US for Spreading Violence on The Korean Peninsula

World Stocks Plunge After Spain Downgrade

New Evidence Implicates US For Cheonan Explosion


Erdogan Urges World Nuclear Powers to Dismantle Their Nuclear Bombs

Europe in Crisis

US at Odds With Brazil This Time


North Korea Blames US For Increasing Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Framing Pakistan

US leads a Modern Napoleonic Campaign Against Russia

Iranian President Wants Russia Clarify Nuclear Stance


It is Not in Iran's Nature to be Subjugated: Chomsky

US and UK Assisted Israeli Supply of WMDs to Former Apartheid Regime

CPRK Declares Resolute Actions against S. Korea

North Korea Cuts All Ties With the South


Korean Stand-off: US Soft Power Play To Maintain Aggression Towards Iran

Global Stock Markets Tumble Sharply

US Supports South Korea Unequivocally


Greece is Only the Start

Evolving Financial Crisis

Former Apartheid South Africa and Israel in Nuclear Weapons Swap Deal

South Korea Takes Retaliatory Measure Against Pyongyang


Massive Race Divide

Venezuela Vows to Continue Crackdown on Money-Changers

Global Military Cost of Securing Oil for U.S.


Poland to Host Anti-Russia Patriot System

Growing Homelessness In America

Shaping the Story on Iran

Pyongyang Dismisses South Korean Allegations


The Pakistan Mess

Global Markets Plunge Once Again


Cuba's Foreign Minister Speech at Latin American - European Summit

BP Oil Rig Disaster Much Worse Than Thought

Seoul Blames North Korean Torpedo for its Sunken Navy Ship


U.S. Was the First Country to Break NPT Rules

Venezuelan Government Takes Over Currency Trading

US Says Sanctions Would Make Iran Abandon Enrichment Program


US Continue to Speak of Sanctions

Oil-Dependent European Economy in Trouble

Iran, Brazil and Turkey Nuclear Swap Agreement

Cuba Questions Europe's Moral Integrity to Talk About Human Rights


Iran O.K.'s Nuclear Swap Deal

Noam Chomsky Was Denied Entry to the West Bank


Greece to Investigate US Role in the Current Economic Mess

The Need For Perpetual Crisis

Zionism, World's Biggest Threat

Government Troops, Demonstrators Clash in Bangkok


Venezuela Cracks Down on Money Speculation Activities

U.S. Hawks Hope Wars Would Create Jobs


Drastic Social Cutbacks Unveiled Throughout Europe

Wall Street an Engine of Excitement for Americans

Tehran Rejects UAE Claim on Iranian Islands


Volatility is Back With a Vengeance

Chavez Brushes Aside Western Allegations Against Iran

No Iran Policy Change, Vows New British Foreign Secretary


US Media Hype on the Use of the Term 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Ahmadinejad Advises US to Respectfully Leave the Region Before Too Late

North Korea Announces a Nuclear Breakthrough


US Economy is All About Big Financial Scams

Iran Warned Off US Reconnaissance Plane in the Persian Gulf

Europe's Financial Celebration Short Lived

Israel is Prepared for War Against Iran: Netanyahu Deputy


Times Square's Comedy of Errors

Europe Announces Over 600 Billion Aid Package As a Psychological Boost

Venezuela Warns Capitalists Against Market Manipulations


The (Almost) Crash of Wall Street

Chavez's Twitter Account Enjoys Worldwide Supports

Bomber Linked With US and UK Security Services


Greece is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

US Considers its Recent UN Performance Flawless

Like it or Not, Iran Has Long Joined the Nuclear Club


The Global Economic Crisis. The Great Depression of the XXI Century

Global Stock Markets Plunge


Troubles in Greece a Major Cause for Concern

The World Gradually Dumps Dollar As Main Trade Currency

Greece Poses a Great Challenge to US-led Casino Capitalism


How to Walk Out of Conferences When Faced With the Power of Reason

More Demonstrations in Greece Against Austerity Measures

The Pick of Oil Has Already Passed


Indonesia Urges the World to Make Israel Comply With the NPT

Hatoyama Backtracks on His Earlier Promises

The Next 911- A Nuclear One - Made in Israel?

Obama's Threat to Launch a Nuclear Attack on Iran


Iran Brings a New Life to NPT

MESR Camel Riding Adventure

World Ready to Grill West For Supplying Nuclear Weapons to Israel


NY Police Finds Failed Bomb Prior to UN Nuclear Conference

US Issued Last Minute Visas for Iranian Delegation


Toophan (Typhoon) Attack Helicopters Delivered to the Iranian Navy

What is NPT All About?

Kyrgyz Authorities to Investigate Illegal Jet Fuel Supply to US Army at Manas

The World is Waiting to Hear Israeli Evasions at UN Nuclear Conference

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